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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for taking a gander at my new website!  I love the look of the site (especially the Chameleon) that my good friend Esther Vincent (AKA Mustang) has worked so diligently to create.

The site is designed to be a promotional tool for my voice work aspirations, in these early days, but it is my hope that the site will continue to evolve in the days, weeks, and years ahead as I move forward in this exciting venture.  I’m sure my work on stage spanning 20 wears and over 90 shows will come up as well.  Perhaps a lot, depending on how the future develops.

So browse around, listen to my demo-Please!  If you have any questions, feedback about anything you see or hear, or ideas to improve things, (or perhaps even a couple of voice challenges, he said rubbing his hands maniacally) please send me an e-mail, as the kids say these days, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Thank you,

Matt Gilbert


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